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Date Title Play
08-12-2018 As Christ Loved Us (download mp3)
03-25-2018 Empty and Full (download mp3)
03-11-2018 See in Faith and Live (download mp3)
02-18-2018 In Trails and Temptations God is with you (download mp3)
02-11-2018 Take Jesus with you (download mp3)
02-04-2018 God is Able and Willing (download mp3)
12-10-2017 Prepare the Way (download mp3)
11-12-2017 Justice Rolls Down Like Water (download mp3)
11-05-2017 The End of Tears (download mp3)
10-29-2017 Eternal Gospel (download mp3)
10-22-2017 He is A Resolute God (download mp3)
10-15-2017 A Special Invitation (download mp3)
10-08-2017 Life and Death in the Vineyard (download mp3)
10-01-2017 I Will Tell You If You Tell Me (download mp3)
09-17-2017 Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven (download mp3)
09-10-2017 Family Chores (download mp3)
09-03-2017 Christ Saves your Life (download mp3)
05-07-2017 I Shall Not Want (download mp3)
04-30-2017 Futility Falls as Christ Rises (download mp3)
04-23-2017 We Are Witnesses (download mp3)
04-16-2017 You Have Been Raised Up (download mp3)
04-09-2017 No Looking Back (download mp3)
04-02-2017 I AM the Resurrection (download mp3)
03-26-2017 I Will Take Gods Grace (download mp3)
03-19-2017 Living water (download mp3)
03-12-2017 Justification by Faith a Big Deal (download mp3)
03-05-2017 Two Destinies (download mp3)
02-26-2017 Glory (download mp3)
02-19-2017 Holy Bricks (download mp3)
02-12-2017 Change (download mp3)
02-05-2017 Nothing means Everthing (download mp3)
01-29-2017 Boast in Christ (download mp3)
01-22-2017 Baptized into (download mp3)
01-15-2017 Christian Church (download mp3)
01-08-2017 The Real Contender (download mp3)
01-01-2017 Through God Name (download mp3)
12-25-2016 God Speaks (download mp3)
12-04-2016 Prepare for Christ (download mp3)
11-06-2016 The Future (download mp3)
10-23-2016 Acceptable Sacrifice (download mp3)
10-16-2016 Prayer and A Promise (download mp3)
10-09-2016 God is remembering you (download mp3)
10-02-2016 Forgive (download mp3)
09-11-2016 You A Sinner Bring Joy to God (download mp3)
09-04-2016 Carry Your Cross (download mp3)
07-24-2016 Prayer (download mp3)
07-17-2016 Greater Service (download mp3)
07-10-2016 Wrong Question but the Right Answer (download mp3)

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